Pilates with a Physiotherapist (“Physio Pilates”)

Pilates Reformer at Toronto PhysiotherapyWe offer one-on-one Physio Pilates training with Certified Pilates Instructors, all highly experienced in rehabilitative pilates and exercise instruction.

Private Pilates at Danforth and Chester is $110/ hr (tax-free) when provided by a Certified Pilates Instructor/Physiotherapy Assistant, or $149 / hr (tax-free) when provided by a Certified Pilates Instructor/Physiotherapist. In both cases, we follow the established requirements for ensuring that these pilates sessions qualify as physiotherapy under extended health insurance benefits.

Private Pilates provided by a Certified Pilates Instructor but without a physiotherapy assessment (and therefore not eligible under physiotherapy benefits coverage) is $92.92/hr (+ HST).

With our advanced knowledge of biomechanics, injury prevention and rehabilitation, Physio Pilates is ideal for beginners, or those already familiar with this form of rehabilitative exercise and people with acute injuries and/or chronic physical impairments.

Is Physio Pilates different than regular Pilates?

If you have done reformer or mat-based Pilates in the past, training with our instructors will look and feel similar. However, our one-on-one training offers additional benefits:

  1. This form of pilates training will incorporate Physiotherapy principles in order to address any musculoskeletal imbalances, injuries, functional goals, and/or mobility disorders that may be applicable, with a highly tailored approach to ensure these sessions are as effective as possible to achieve your individualized goals.
  2. Your training will be provided by some of the most qualified and knowledgeable instructors in Toronto.
  3. Our Physio Pilates is billed as physiotherapy. This means:
    • It is tax-free.
    • It qualifies as physiotherapy under extended health insurance plans, or as a tax deductible medical expense on your tax return.
    • Your first session includes a physical assessment with a Registered Physiotherapist.  Their assessment findings (musculoskeletal injuries or impairments, mobility or strength deficits, motor patterning issues, postural dysfunctions, surgical recovery needs, etc), will specifically guide the pilates/exercise treatment approach.

Pilates and Physiotherapy are a natural fit

Physiotherapists are widely regarded as experts in musculoskeletal function, injury and rehabilitation. They routinely employ exercise therapy in the treatment of a range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. By precisely improving muscle strength and endurance, postural alignment, and promoting optimal movement patterns, physiotherapists facilitate reductions in pain and inflammation, improvements in mobility and balance, and prevention of re-injury.

The Pilates exercise system was designed to achieve physical wellness gains by targeting some of these same basic areas: core muscle strength, stabilization, mobility, posture, and optimal movement patterns. This makes pilates exercise a natural fit with physiotherapy. As a result, our team members with pilates certification and extensive rehab experience are uniquely capable of achieving meaningful outcomes for their patients.

Why Choose Toronto Physiotherapy?

At Toronto Physiotherapy we are excited to offer a truly unique Pilates experience. We offer beautiful studio spaces, modern equipment including a reformer and ladder barrel, and the skill to create goal-oriented and effective individualized programming.

Taught by:

Paula Zambonato, PT, a Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Instructor with over 15 years of experience treating and training at her former studio in Brazil, as well as here in Toronto.

Meredith Clinton, a Certified Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapy Assistant.

Ana Groppler, a Certified Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapy Assistant.

Josephine Cuthill, a Certified Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapy Assistant.

We currently offer reformer-based Pilates at our Danforth & Chester studio. Please stop by to check out our beautiful studio space! Or if you would like to learn more about this service and whether it’s right for you, please feel free to email us your questions at info@torontophysiotherapy.ca.

Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist Kathryn Zbarsky