Our Difference

Our Difference - what makes Toronto Physiotherapy unique

Therapy at Toronto Physiotherapy may surprise you!

Unlike what you may have experienced in the past, we provide exclusively one-on-one treatment in modern and private therapy rooms. No double-booking. No support staff replacing your Physiotherapist. No open gym feel. Toronto Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy without compromise, but also without premium fees. With this approach we have become a valued center for physiotherapy and related allied health care services in Toronto.

What makes us different?

We provide one-on-one service. We do not treat multiple patients at a time, nor do we use support staff in your session. Every treatment is one-on-one with your therapist for the full duration of your appointment, regardless of whether you pay out-of-pocket, are covered by private insurance, or have a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claim. This results in more personalized therapy, higher-quality treatment, and better health outcomes.

We use clinically validated treatment practices:

  • We do not waste valuable appointment time or provide unwarranted therapies.
  • We DO spend valuable appointment time employing manual hands-on therapy and other tools including electrotherapy modalities, acupuncture and more as needed.
  • We DO educate you on your condition and provide you with home rehabilitation programs and other guidance to help you continue your treatment at home and prevent recurrence.
  • We treat exclusively in private therapy rooms rather than in an open gym. Our gym space is used for gym activities, and may be utilized during your sessions with us.
  • We provide only the therapy you need. We establish clear treatment objectives with you from the start, and focus our efforts on achieving those objectives as rapidly as possible. If we can’t help, we will refer you to the help you need. Success at our clinic means returning you to good health!

Our clinic depends on word-of-mouth referrals. If you have any suggestions about how we can serve you better please let us know!

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