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Lymphedema Treatment

We Can Help

We can help you get your swelling under control, answer your questions, and give you the tools to manage your lymphedema or lipedema more effectively – and enjoy life more fully.

We are a team of experienced physiotherapists and massage therapists trained to provide manual lymphatic drainage massage as part of an integrated approach to lymphedema and swelling management known as Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT). With some modifications, the principles of CDT can also be applied to lipedema, and can be particularly helpful for treating an advanced form of lipedema known as lipolymphedema. Lymphatic drainage may also be applied to help minimize some forms of surgical swelling, such as following liposuction.

Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) includes:

  1. Manual lymphatic drainage massage (“lymphatic massage”)
  2. Compression wrapping and/or garments
  3. Exercise prescription
  4. Education on self-management, skin care, and flare-up prevention

Our Clinic Director Lindsay Davey is a well known lecturer on lymphedema and cancer rehabilitation, and contributor to clinical research. She gives regular presentations at the Sunnybrook Hospital’s Odette Cancer Center, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s Breast HEALTH program, St. Michael’s Hospital, and the Toronto Wellspring Cancer Centre, Canadian Cancer Society and Gilda’s Club, among others.

At Toronto Physiotherapy we are passionate about treating, educating and supporting individuals with primary and secondary lymphedema, lipedema and other swelling conditions.

We offer lymphedema and lipedema therapy at our Danforth & Chester and Yonge & St. Clair clinics.

Lymphedema treatment at our clinics is provided by Registered Physiotherapists and Registered Massage Therapists with special certification. Our services are therefore covered as ‘physiotherapy’ or ‘massage therapy’ under extended health insurance plans, and our receipts also qualify as a tax deductible medical expense on your tax return. For a list of our service fees please click here.

Want more information? Please check out our resources below, or follow our blog for the latest in lymphedema research, lipedema research, and cancer rehabilitation.

Questions? Email a physiotherapist at [email protected].

Related Services

We also offer a variety of related services:

  1. Compression garment authorization for the Ontario Assistive Devices subsidy program. We provide garment authorization to patients and non-patients alike, free of charge.
  2. Fitting services for pre-manufactured compression garments, with a wide selection of garment options.
  3. Manual lymphatic drainage home care service. Contact our Danforth & Chester location by phone or email for more information.
  4. Cancer rehabilitation services including orthopedic rehabilitation; pelvic floor physiotherapy to treat the vaginal and urinary symptoms of estrogen loss; pain; fatigue; and scar management; re-conditioning, and exercise therapy.
  5. Cancer consultation: we offer a one hour consultation (pre- or post- cancer treatment) that can include teaching lymphedema prevention techniques and self-massage (if applicable), and taking baseline measurements. Education on managing fatigue, pain, functional limitations, exercise principles and cancer rehabilitation options are also discussed.
  6. Management of lipedema and lipolymphedema.

Why Place Your Trust In Us?

  1. We are certified in Combined (or Complex) Decongestive Therapy (CDT), which includes manual lymphatic drainage massage, compression wrapping and/or garments, exercise prescription, and education.
  2. Patients can be treated by either a Registered Physiotherapist or Registered Massage Therapist, depending on the patient’s needs and health insurance coverage.
  3. We have experienced and knowledgeable CDT therapists:
    Lindsay Davey PT, CDT
    Lucy Romano RMT, CDT
    Lisa Chau PT, CDT
    Susan Shipton RMT, CDT
    Heather Braithwaite, RMT, CDT
    Karen Kingsley, RMT, CDT
  4. We can provide manual lymphatic drainage in the comfort of your home.
  5. We are a certified Compression Garment Authorizer for the Ontario Assistive Devices subsidy program, a service we provide free of charge.
  6. Manual lymphatic drainage massage and cancer rehabilitation is provided in private treatment rooms, and are one-on-one with a registered therapist.
  7. We provide therapy covered by most extended health care plans.
  8. We do not require a doctor referral (but can work closely with your physician).
  9. We work in two modern and inviting clinics, conveniently located at Danforth and Chester in East Toronto, and at Yonge and St.Clair in Midtown.

Lymphedema and Lipedema Self-Help Resources

Visit the lymphedema section of our Rehab Science Blog to read our summaries of the latest news and research, including self-help articles. Popular articles include:

  1. Patient Guide to Lymphedema – General information on causes, symptoms, treatment and management, including manual lymphatic drainage massage.
  2. Patient Guide to Head and Neck Lymphedema – For information specific to head and neck lymphedema.
  3. Comprehensive Guide to Lymphedema in Children – For information specific to primary and pediatric lymphedema.
  4. Patient Guide to Self-Diagnosis Lipedema and Lipolymphedema and Patient Guide: Treatment of Lipedema and Lipolymphedema – For information specific to lipedema.

To learn about lymphatic drainage self-massage techniques that you can do at home, please watch our video: