Ana - Pilates Instructor at Toronto Physiotherapy

Ana Groppler

Certified Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapist Assistant

Ana Groppler is an experienced Pilates instructor and physiotherapist assistant, who, after many years working as a professional dancer, found her way to Pilates in search of a form of rehabilitation to best address her own injuries and pain management.

Ana has pursued extensive advanced Pilates coursework and has previous experience teaching theatre, dance, and body conditioning, all of which greatly inform her Pilates approach. As a dance artist, she has a keen interest in biomechanics, movement patterning, posture, flexibility and core strength. She is dedicated to her practice, loves collaborating with our physiotherapists, and is ever evolving her therapeutic techniques to suit each individual best.  With so many benefits of Pilates-based exercise for such a wide breadth of injuries and conditions, Ana loves exploring this form of rehabilitation with her clients. She looks forward to working with you toward your goals, whatever they may be!