AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

AlterG Anti-gravity Treadmill at Toronto Physiotherapy

Rehabilitate at reduced body weight

Toronto Physiotherapy is the first clinic in Toronto to offer the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill. Originally developed by NASA, the AlterG uses differential air-pressure to enable users to run or walk at reduced body weight, while maintaining a normal gait pattern. The AlterG is currently available at our Danforth clinic.


  • Run/walk at reduced body weight, but with normal gait, unlike pool-based rehab.
  • Reduce body weight in 1% increments to precisely control ground impact force, thereby enabling unique rehabilitation, fitness, and athlete training programs.
  • Can be used as an advanced rehab and fitness training tool, or as a simple treadmill with extra safety and support.

At Toronto Physiotherapy the AlterG can be incorporated into your physiotherapy sessions at no extra charge. You can also use it on your own for fitness or rehabilitation on a per-use basis. Packages are also available.

Applications of the AlterG Treadmill:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

The unique unweighting capabilities of the AlterG Treadmill allow for earlier and functional rehabilitation of patients with lower extremity injuries, or who have had lower body surgery such as a total knee replacement.

In other words, patients can be cleared by their health team to begin rehabilitating using the AlterG earlier than it might otherwise be safe for them to do so on land. By controlling body weight in 1% increments over a range of 20% – 100% body weight, patients cleared for only partial weight-bearing activities can in fact walk or run on the AlterG. This allows patients to work towards restoring a normal gait pattern, range of motion, endurance, and other functional outcome measures sooner.

And since it allows patients who are not yet able to walk or run on land to do so (and with normal gait mechanics), rehabilitation on the AlterG is also functional – it directly targets patient goals of walking and running.

The AlterG can also offer unique rehabilitation benefits for patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis, allowing them to perform optimal symptom-free exercise therapy which can reduce symptoms and delay disease progression. For more information see our article: AlterG for Knee Osteoarthritis.

Neurological Rehabilitation

The AlterG provides a unique, safe and supportive environment for promoting neuromuscular and proprioceptive re-training, and brain plasticity.

By controlling body weight in 1% increments over a range of 20% – 100% body weight, the AlterG can be used to help promote normal gait, and improve stride length and balance. It provides a supportive environment where patients can also work on multi-task training. Learn more about the AlterG and Neurological Rehabilitation.

Runners and athletes

The AlterG is a valuable tool for amateur and professional athletes looking to return to running faster post-injury. It is also the ideal cross-training tool for runners, allowing them to increase total running volume while decreasing ground impact force and the potential for over-training and injury.

Nonathletes, elderly and overweight

The AlterG enables individuals at all levels including those with functional restrictions to walk and run in a safe and supportive environment. Exercising at partial body weight can improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance, range of motion, bone and joint health, as well as increase confidence and functional capacity.

Part of your Physiotherapy Program

Where appropriate, our physiotherapists will incorporate the AlterG into your orthopedic or neurological physiotherapy program at no additional cost. Use of the AlterG on your own for fitness or rehabilitation is charged on a per use basis.