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At Toronto Physiotherapy our treatment style is highly personable, relaxed, and encouraging. We provide 1-on-1 care in private rooms with seasoned registered health professionals that have advanced post-graduate training in their area of practice. We do not use assistants or leave patients with machines. We provide careful assessments, an evidence-based approach, and spend more time with each client during treatment sessions.

Toronto Physiotherapy has won accolades from our patients including:

  1. The 2021 Quality Business Award for Best Physiotherapist in Toronto.
  2. The 2013 and 2017 Consumer Choice Award for Physiotherapists in Toronto.
  3. The 2015 Opencare Patients’ Choice Award for Physiotherapy in Toronto.
  4. The 2017 Top Choice Award for Physiotherapy Clinic in Toronto.
  5. Nominated for the 2019 – 2023 Top Choice Awards for Physiotherapy Clinic in Toronto.

But more important than awards is a strong community reputation. Please ask your friends about us!

Lindsay Davey Physiotherapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Lindsay Davey

PT, MScPT, MSc, CAFCI, CDT Registered Physiotherapist & Clinic Director Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Works at both clinic locations

Lindsay loves her work! A tireless and enthusiastic professional, Lindsay enjoys spending her time treating patients, writing and giving lectures on topics related to cancer rehabilitation, and managing clinical direction and the patient and staff experience at Toronto Physiotherapy. Lindsay has been working in an oncology scope for the past 15 years, and has never wavered from a clinic model that prioritizes patient health outcomes. She enjoys a deep personal reward from her work in cancer rehabilitation, and this love for what she does shows in each and every patient session and lecture.

Lindsay graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy. Prior to entering Physical Therapy, Lindsay obtained a Masters degree in Medical Biophysics, for her work in breast cancer research at the Ontario Cancer Institute and Princess Margaret Hospital. Lindsay is certified in Combined Decongestive Therapy, providing the specialized treatment technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, as well as being highly experienced in a wide range of cancer treatment side effects and survivorship issues. She is a regular invited speaker at several cancer related support groups in the city, including Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s Breast HEALTH program, Sunnybrook Hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital, the Canadian Cancer Society, Wellspring, and Gilda’s Club. Lindsay has also received advanced training in manual orthopedic therapy and is fully certified by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. Lindsay is dedicated to evidence-based rehabilitation practices and maintaining the highest standard of care for her clients and clinics. She is an avid reader and writer on rehabilitation topics, and contributor to primary research such as “The Cardiac Rehabilitation Model Improves Fitness, Quality of Life, and Depression in Breast Cancer Survivors” J Cardiopulm Rehab Prev. EPub 2017 May 18.

Lindsay has been affiliated with the University of Toronto’s Physical Therapy program for several years, as a guest lecturer, clinical reasoning tutor, clinical internship instructor, past member of the Clinical Education Advisory Committee, and peer coach. She regularly mentors other physiotherapists and massage therapists who are developing their own skills in cancer rehab, an area of expertise that her clinics have become known for across the city. When not at the clinic, you’ll often find Lindsay cheering her kids on at a hockey arena or baseball park, on a walk in the woods, or on her bicycle!

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Ryan Davey PhD Toronto Physiotherapy

Dr. Ryan Davey

PhD Director

Works at both clinic locations

Dr. Ryan Davey is a scientist with expertise in Regenerative Medicine and Biomedical Engineering. In addition to being the director of research and operations at Toronto Physiotherapy, Ryan actively works in the field of medical diagnostics.

Ryan earned a PhD in Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and his research on stem cells has been published in numerous high ranking international journals.  You can find a list of Ryan’s publications here. Ryan also has considerable expertise in the field of medical diagnostics, where he has worked in roles including Lead Scientist and Product Manager. Ryan continues to work in medical diagnostics.

Ryan’s professional interests include translating cutting edge clinical research into clinical practice, and communicating research results to the general public.

If you can find Ryan not working, he will be playing with his kids, running, riding his ‘fixie’, or building something with his hands.

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Jessica Metcalf Physiotherapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Jessica Metcalf

PT, MPT, BA(Kin) Registered Physiotherapist, Certified in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Danforth & Chester clinic

Jessica is here to help you achieve your goals! She is an energetic and caring physiotherapist dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to every patient. Since completing her Masters in Physical Therapy, she has continued to broaden her skill-set, completing her training in Pelvic Health physiotherapy through Pelvic Health Solutions, acupuncture through Acupuncture Canada, and functional dry needling through Kinetacore. She is an avid life-long learner, and has also taken extensive post-graduate coursework in orthopaedic manual therapy, soft tissue release, and taping techniques.

Jessica is experienced at treating a diverse spectrum of patients. She enjoys working with high level athletes and non-athletes alike, those with acute and chronic conditions, as well as patients with unique needs ranging from pelvic health conditions such as incontinence and pelvic pain to treating TMJ (jaw) disorders.

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Jessica completed an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology & Physical Education, and became a certified fitness instructor. She has taught a wide range of classes from indoor aerobics to outdoor bootcamps. She has maintained a passion for teaching, currently coaching adult gymnastics and general exercise classes in CrossFit. As a lifelong movement enthusiast, Jessica has herself competed at a high level in gymnastics and CrossFit, as well as dabbled in dance, hockey, weightlifting, circus arts, and yoga. In her spare time you may find her running along Toronto’s many trails with her latest rescue dog, or training for her next sporting event!

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Dr. Kelly Pennell Chiropractor

Dr. Kelly Pennell

DC, MSc, BSc (Hons) Chiropractor

Yonge & St. Clair clinic

Dr. Kelly Pennell is a Chiropractor with a special interest and post-graduate training in the field of rehabilitation. She enjoys working as part of a multidisciplinary team and brings with her to Toronto Physiotherapy over 15 years of experience from various clinical settings, including private practice and speciality post-operative rehabilitation clinics where she worked alongside physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, and other medical professionals.

Kelly works with a diverse patient population, from office workers to weekend warriors, from those with chronic conditions to those with acute injuries (including car accidents), from adolescents to seniors, and everyone in between.  She has also had to the unique opportunity to work with professional athletes from the Toronto Lynx, Toronto Argonauts and New York Yankees.   Her approach to injury management includes a combination of manual therapies such as myofascial release techniques and joint mobilization/manipulation, and active exercise focusing on functional restoration and optimal performance.

After graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) Cum Laude with Clinic Honours, Kelly was accepted as the first resident to the Master’s based rehabilitation fellowship, in her pursuit to further her knowledge in the field of rehabilitation. She also completed a concurrent Master of Science degree from the Rehabilitation Sciences program at McMaster University.  Her thesis investigated changes in gait patterns in persons with upper back pain and her research was published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders in 2013.

Kelly served as a faculty member for almost 10 years at CMCC.  She held various positions at the college including Technique Tutor and Lecturer and Coordinator for the Year II chiropractic rehabilitation program.  She was an Independent Consultant to the automotive insurance industry for many years and a Clinical Director at Canada’s largest Independent Medical Assessment company.  She currently also works in the medical device field.

While Kelly’s professional pursuits are diverse, she can also be found outside of work enjoying all that the city of Toronto has to offer, from musical concerts to baseball games at the Rogers Centre. Kelly is a ‘foodie’ and welcomes any new restaurant recommendations!  As an avid golfer, you’ll find Kelly out on the golf course any chance she gets.

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Paula Zambonato Pilates Instructor

Paula Zambonato

PT, BScPT Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Danforth & Chester clinic

Paula is a highly experienced and passionate Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, who has been offering her unique combined skill-set to her patients for over 15 years.  Paula has also completed her advanced Pelvic Health physiotherapy coursework and is highly effective in treating both men and women for their pelvic health needs, be it incontinence, pelvic pain conditions, pelvic floor weakness, or more complex conditions affecting the pelvic floor function. Originally from Brazil where she owned her own clinic, Paula is certified in both Mat and Reformer based Pilates (STOTT and Power Pilates), and specializes in rehabilitative Pilates, core strengthening, and stabilization exercise approaches.

She is also experienced working with individuals with advanced fitness and wellness goals, for injury prevention and injury rehabilitation, alike.  The physiotherapist’s perspective that Paula brings to her Pilates sessions translates into excellent and meaningful results for her patients, whether the goal be to strengthen, stabilize, improve balance, flexibility, or whether her patient is recovering from injury or has a chronic condition.  Paula’s enthusiastic and encouraging nature, not to mention our fully equipped Danforth studio space, makes for a highly enjoyable Pilates and exercise training experience.

Paula has taken a variety of post-graduate courses in manual therapy, kinesio-taping, and exercise physiology, and she continues to pursue additional advanced physiotherapy coursework. Paula is Registered as a Physiotherapist in Ontario, so her sessions can be billed as physiotherapy under extended health benefit plans.

Paula is a health and fitness enthusiast herself, and when not doing her own Reformer training, she enjoys running, working out, and going for long walks with her Golden Retriever!

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Cynthia Chung Physiotherapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Cynthia Chung

PT, MScPT, BKin, CAFCI, RYT 300, CDT Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified in Acupuncture, Certified in Combined Decongestive Therapy

Yonge & St. Clair clinic

Cynthia brings a unique combination of skills and expertise to her practice, being both a Registered Physiotherapist experienced in cancer rehabilitation (and certified in Combined Decongestive Therapy for the management of lymphedema), as well as being an advanced practice Yoga Instructor. Cynthia sees patients at our Yonge St clinic, and in the home care setting, and is highly sought out for her combined expertise. She has experience working with patients who are seeking reconditioning, strengthening, and/or a yoga-physio approach when recovering from injury, for chronic conditions, for cancer-related rehabilitation, and/or for generalized strengthening and flexibility. Cynthia regularly incorporates mindfulness as a therapeutic tool into her individualized physiotherapy treatment plans. Her practice has evolved to reflect her creativity for using yoga as medicine for the body and mind, to further help with chronic pain and movement limitations in her patients.

With the combination of her physiotherapy expertise and Anusara inspired yoga training, she teaches with a strong focus on alignment and setting the foundations that are necessary for injury prevention and the achievement of her patients’ wellness goals.

Cynthia obtained her Masters of Science degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Toronto, and is certified in acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI).  She is experienced in manual lymphatic drainage massage and is certified in Combined Decongestive Therapy for the treatment of primary and secondary lymphedema.  She is a versatile physiotherapist not only in her approach to orthopaedic issues (be they chronic conditions or acute injuries), but in her ability to incorporate the principles of alignment, postural strengthening and cueing, breathing, mindfulness and classic yoga principles into her treatment sessions.

She works both in-clinic as well as in the home-visit setting, and approaches each session with warmth, positivity, and a genuine interest in working toward her patients’ goals.  In her spare time, Cynthia can be found rock climbing, hiking, and naturally, moving through her own Sun Salutation.  ;)

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Carlo - Physiotherapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Carlo Andreatta

PT, BScPT, CMAG Registered Physiotherapist, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

Danforth & Chester clinic

Carlo is a caring and passionate physiotherapist who has over 20 years of experience treating all types of orthopaedic and musculo-skeletal injuries, and has found great success in always putting his patient’s goals first. He has taken many different post-graduate courses in orthopaedic physiotherapy and manual therapy, and is credentialed with the MacKenzie Institute of Canada for treatment of neck and back pain. He is certified in Acupuncture through McMaster University’s Medical Acupuncture program. Carlo has a keen interest in sport and exercise related injuries with experience treating individuals just starting out on their active lifestyle goals, to Olympic and professional athletes. From the youngest of athletes to seniors, Carlo has extensive experience working with individuals at all ages and is a firm believer that maintaining an active lifestyle is key to avoiding disability and maintaining health throughout life.

Having mentored numerous undergraduate and graduate students over the course of his career, from undergraduate Kinesiology students and Athletic Therapy students, to graduate students pursuing their Masters of Physiotherapy degree or their Masters of Kinesiology degree, Carlo is passionate about educating young clinicians as they begin their careers in rehabilitation medicine.

Carlo believes that the key to successful recovery, be it from an acute injury or chronic condition, starts with empowering his patients by educating them as to the contributing factors to their issue and the best management strategies to take to prevent a recurrence.  He uses a variety of manual therapy techniques to increase mobility and decrease pain, and ensures his patients are doing their rehabilitation exercises correctly so that they see results the fastest.  The better his patients understand their injury and path to recovery, the better and quicker they recover.   At Toronto Physiotherapy, the clinic’s patient-first philosophy aligns well with Carlo’s vision of what best-practice physiotherapy is, and how important individualized care is.

Outside of work Carlo enjoys time with his family camping, hiking, biking, canoeing and relaxing.  When not spending time in nature Carlo spends time shuttling his two boys around to various hockey rinks for practices and games.

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Maryam Physiotherapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Maryam Davari

BSc, MScPT Registered Physiotherapist, Certified in Acupuncture

Maryam brings great enthusiasm and energy to work on our home care team! She has a special interest in both orthopaedics and neurological diagnoses, and loves treating patients with a diverse range of conditions, spanning all ages from paediatrics to seniors and everyone in between. In addition to her post-graduate coursework in manual therapy, Maryam is certified in Concussion Management (CCMI), Vestibular Rehabilitation (Bernard Tonks), and Acupuncture/Dry Needling (APTEI).

Maryam ensures that all contributing factors to her patients’ issues, pain, or challenges are determined, and provides patient-centered care that includes education, manual therapy, and tailored exercise prescription to get her patients back to doing the things they love!  You’ll be in great hands with Maryam with your musculoskeletal, concussion/vestibular, or neurological rehab goals. She works exclusively on our Home Care team. In her spare time, Maryam enjoys traveling, reading and trying out new food spots around the GTA – any and all recommendations are welcome!

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Paul Physiotherapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Paul Messner

PT, MScPT Registered Physiotherapist, Certified in Clinically Integrated Dry Needling

Danforth & Chester clinic

Paul believes establishing a genuine therapeutic alliance with patients is a key component to their successful recovery. Providing extended support and encouragement alongside a thorough assessment and comprehensive treatment is crucial to help patients achieve their goals and maintain an active lifestyle. He has received numerous referrals from surgeons at The North York General Hospital’s Fracture Clinic and has extensive experience treating patients with severe arthritis, providing rehabilitation following joint replacement surgeries, reconstruction surgeries, and fractures. A highlight of his career has been helping patients prevent the need for joint replacement surgery. He is certified GLA:D instructor, an evidence based strengthening program used around the world to effectively manage pain in those suffering from hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Paul has training in Temporomandibular Joint Rehabilitation, an effective evidence based non-surgical approach to relieve jaw pain. Hands on techniques, acupuncture, providing strategies to reduce the effects of stressful clenching have helped his patients feel better speaking, chewing, and restore the comfort of their smile! He receives referrals from Toronto dentists to help their patients recover from dysfunctions of the jaw and treat fascial pain. Paul has completed course work in Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation, successfully eliminating dizziness or “the spins” in people suffering from vertigo or BPPV. He has experience managing complex pathologies such Mal De Debarquement Syndrome and Meniere’s disease, achieving positive results.  He has also helped people recover and carry on following concussion.

For a physiotherapist, Paul spends a lot of time doing massage, especially using Rolfing Myofascial Techniques. Paul is certified in Clinically Integrated Dry Needling which he considers to be his most powerful tool, providing a “neuro-physiological effect” to eliminate pain from inflamed joints, muscle tears, nerve impingement or radiculopathies, sciatica and even jaw pain. Paul has received referrals from Sports Medicine Physicians, Physiatrists, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists to dry needle and co-manage their patients. Dry needling has been particularly popular amongst his Iron Man Triathlete and Ultra Marathon patients. Paul is also trained in spinal manipulations to alleviate fixated segments or “jammed” joints. He has assisted professors teach manual therapy to students in the Advanced Musculoskeletal Labs at The University of Toronto.

Paul received his physiotherapy training at McGill University, serving as Qualifying Year Class Representative. Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, he worked as a swimming instructor. With an athletic background of figure skating, ballet, Paul has a special interest in treating injuries from aesthetically judged sports. He was a physiotherapist at 2019 Figure Skating National Championships and has treated dancers from Canada’s National Ballet School. Paul was national figure skating champion in his field.  He placed second at the Canada Winter Games and was ambassador for the Ontario Figure Skating Team. He loves to cook and has taken Culinary Arts courses at George Brown College. Paul enjoys trail running with his dog and they have participated in Disc Dog and Agility Trials. Paul is trained in classical piano through The Royal Conservatory of Music. He also likes to DJ and believe it or not, spends a significant amount of time listening to Techno Music. He looks forward to helping you achieve your physiotherapy and wellness goals!

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Bridget Physiotherapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Bridget Coley

PT, MScPT, B.Kin Registered Physiotherapist, Certified in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Yonge & St. Clair clinic

Bridget completed both her Masters of Physical Therapy and her Bachelors of Kinesiology at the University of Toronto. Bridget knows the benefits of an active rehabilitation approach, and in addition to her careful assessment and manual therapy treatment approaches she always provides the education and tools her patients need to return to and/or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Bridget is a highly effective orthopaedic physiotherapist and is pursuing her Advanced Manual Therapy Certification. She has also completed her training in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy enabling her to treat patients with a variety of pelvic conditions, including incontinence, pre- and post-partum issues, and pain. Her experience in pelvic physiotherapy has included a prior role at Women’s College Hospital in the renowned Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute, where she acquired additional experience working with women with pelvic pain conditions.

Bridget is herself highly athletic and swam competitively for over 14 years in many international and high-performance settings, representing Canada at the Pan Am Games and at the World Swimming Championships. Her experience as an athlete greatly informs her practice as a physiotherapist, as she genuinely understands the many factors (training, lifestyle, mindset) that contribute to injury recovery and rehabilitation trajectory.  She treats her patients holistically, and utilizes a combination of manual therapy, education and exercise prescription to achieve excellent results. She loves working with individuals of all ages and abilities, toward whatever their goals may be!

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Elias Peixoto Registered Physiotherapist Toronto Physiotherapy

Elias Peixoto

MScPT, BASc Kin Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Personal Trainer

Yonge & St. Clair clinic

Elias is a well-rounded and compassionate physiotherapist who is determined to get his patients back to feeling their best again! He pulls from multiple areas of expertise – combining his physiotherapy knowledge with his many years of experience as a fitness and personal trainer. Physiotherapy was instrumental in his own recovery from sports-induced injuries (including long-term pain), and as such, he is passionate about his profession and the benefits of physiotherapy. Elias uses a multitude of hands-on approaches as well as targeted movement and exercise instruction to treat everything from standard aches and pains, to sporting injuries, to chronic pain. He has completed continuing education in acupuncture and dry needling techniques, and is further advancing his manual therapy skills through post-graduate coursework through the Orthopaedic Division of the CPA. Elias also has experience working with patients with facial nerve paralysis (Bell’s Palsy), TMJ dysfunction/jaw pain, as well as post-concussion symptoms, and provides an evidence-based and tailored approach to his patients with these conditions.

Elias grew up with a very active lifestyle, including competing in Taekwondo and soccer.  He obtained his Masters in Physiotherapy at Brunel University in the United Kingdom, and prior to this completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Kinesiology at University of Guelph-Humber, and his Fitness and Health Diploma from Humber College.  Always eager to expand his physiotherapy toolbox, he is pursuing advanced coursework in acupuncture/dry needling, orthopaedic manual therapy, chronic pain management and other special populations.

Whether you’ve just had an injury, or are seeking answers to a chronic condition, Elias will provide exceptional care in determining the most effective path forward, coaching and encouraging you along the way.  He loves his work, and it shows!

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Jessica Dam Registered Physiotherapist Toronto Physiotherapy

Jessica Dam

MScPT, BSc Registered Physiotherapist

Danforth & Chester clinic

Jess is dedicated to empowering her patients through mobility restoration. Her journey began with an intrigue for human anatomy, culminating in an Honours Specialization in Kinesiology with a Major in Biology at Western University. There, she was a varsity athlete on the Women’s Rugby team and an athletic trainer for the Varsity Women’s Hockey team. Driven by her passion for healthcare, Jess pursued a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto.

Her expertise spans musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation, pelvic floor, and neurological rehabilitation. She continuously updates her knowledge with the latest research and techniques. She currently holds AIM Level 1 certification from the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and Level 1, 2, and 3 certifications from Pelvic Health Solutions.

Jess’ training in pelvic floor dysfunction through Pelvic Health Solutions has diversified her scope of practice in treating and assessing adults with urinary incontinence, persistent & complex pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual pain and dysfunction, tail-bone pain, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic constipation, pre- and post-natal care, interstitial cystitis, diastasis recti abdominis, post-surgical and post-cancer care.

Her interest in neurological rehabilitation started with her clinical placements and exposure to brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord rehabilitation. Jess is proficient in treating and assessing adults with Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, stroke, and spinal cord injury/disease.

Known for her patient-centric approach, Jess takes the time to thoroughly understand each patient’s unique needs. She crafts personalized treatment plans to address specific conditions, fostering a collaborative environment. Through her compassionate care and technical expertise, Jess achieves outstanding results and patient satisfaction. Outside of her clinical work, Jess enjoys going on long hikes and camping trips, discovering new eats and markets around the city, and staying active through sport and exercise.

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Staff at Toronto Physiotherapy

Chrissie Kong

PT, DPT, BSc Registered Physiotherapist, Registered Trigenics Practitioner

Chrissie is a dedicated and passionate Physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience and post-graduate training, and is a highly sought after physiotherapist for the in-home setting. She has a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from University at Buffalo, and has a wide breadth of experience working in both the hospital/inpatient and community/outpatient settings. She has worked extensively in orthopaedics and post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as with patients with neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Developmental Disability, and other complex disorders. Chrissie enjoys a mixed caseload in her home care practice, and is genuinely dedicated to her patients and their meaningful goals. She believes the best approach to rehabilitation is to work with her patients, and their care givers, to create a supportive and therapeutic environment that promotes the achievement of an optimal level of physical function.

Chrissie is a life-long learner, and enjoys taking a variety of post-graduate courses to further broaden her skillset. Beyond her physiotherapy training and experience, she has additional training in vestibular conditions, wound care, kinesiotaping, and the neurological-based manual therapy technique Trigenics of Functional Neurology.

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Elizabeth Massage Therapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Elizabeth Stewart

RMT, CDT Registered Massage Therapist, Certified in Combined Decongestive Therapy/Manual Lymphatic Massage

Danforth & Chester clinic

Elizabeth is a talented massage therapist, dedicated to helping each of her patients achieve their individual goals. She uses a variety of pressures and techniques in her Swedish massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage approaches and believes that massage should be both nurturing and restorative to both the body and mind.

Elizabeth’s Swedish massage style is rhythmic and intuitive, and tailored to each patient. She utilizes myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue work to address specific areas of restriction and discomfort. She also has extensive experience in pre and post-natal massage.

Elizabeth knows from personal experience that lymphedema and related swelling conditions can be well managed with specialized treatment and self care. With this in-depth understanding, she is passionate about empowering others to become active participants in their own lymphatic health.

Elizabeth graduated from Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy in 2019, and soon thereafter completed her long-time goal of becoming certified in Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) with the Dr. Vodder School.

Outside of work you can find Elizabeth playing Sudoku, walking her dog, watching basketball, and staying active!  She looks forward to working with you to achieve your wellness goals, whatever they may be.

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Veronica Lelchuk Registered Massage Therapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Veronica Lelchuk

RMT, CDT Registered Massage Therapist, Certified in Combined Decongestive Therapy/Manual Lymphatic Massage

Works at both clinic locations

Veronica Lelchuk brings extensive experience to the team and has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2009. She is also fully certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage, having trained with the prestigious International Vodder School of Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT).

Veronica enjoys treating a variety of clients ranging from cancer patients, the elderly, to those with acute and chronic injuries, postural tension, individuals suffering from stress, anxiety and those in palliative care. Her client’s goals vary from focused soft tissue release needs to generalized wellness and relaxation, as well as those with various swelling conditions. Veronica prides herself in providing a safe, judgement-free space. She is very happy to explore the style of massage therapy that will be the best fit for each of her patients’ needs.

Veronica loves her work, and her enthusiasm and passion for massage therapy translates effectively into her treatment sessions, to the great benefit of her patients. When not treating at the clinic, Veronica can often be found hiking, camping, and photographing her adventures along the way!

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Remi Awoniyi-Cutts Massage Therapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Remilekun (Remi) Awoniyi Cutts

RMT, D.O.M.P. Registered Massage Therapist, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Yonge & St. Clair clinic

Remi is an experienced Registered Massage Therapist and an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner who is dedicated to helping her patients achieve their individual wellness goals. She believes that no two patients are the same, and as such, modifies her treatment approach to fit each patient’s unique needs.

After working 9 years as an RMT, Remi decided to broaden her skill set by completing the Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice program.  As such, her patients benefit greatly from this extensive background in both muscular and soft tissue conditions as well as skeletal/joint health.

Remi specializes in Massage Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Joint Mobilization and Remedial Exercise and is a strong believer in patient education to empower them in making informed decisions through out their day. Remi caters to clients of all ages and has much experience treating everything from chronic issues to acute injuries, motor vehicle accident patients, pre- and post-natal women, post-operative patients, and those who have gone through various cancer treatments.  She is very familiar with inflammation and edema and uses different modalities for the rehabilitation of physical injuries and trauma.

She is a member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario  (CMTO) and The Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine (ACMA).

Remi is very friendly and enjoys a good laugh!  She’s a huge fan of historical novels and enjoys music and travel.  She looks very forward to meeting you and working toward your goals, whatever they may be.

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Alexandria Hurst Massage Therapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Alexandria Hurst

RMT Registered Massage Therapist

Danforth & Chester clinic

Lexi has a devoted following of massage therapy clients who greatly value her intuitive approach and exceptional deep tissue and stretch techniques. She focuses on bringing balance to the body with a range of soft tissue approaches tailored to each client’s specific needs, be it to promote relaxation and stress or tension release, or to address specific injury or condition-based needs. Lexi excels in trigger point therapy, cupping, and various myofascial release techniques, which are highly effective in reducing soft tissue tension and promoting joint mobilization and optimizing flexibility.

Lexi loves the healing and helping nature of massage and approaches her treatments with a holistic touch and a quizzical mind. She is experienced in working with those with acute injuries, nerve impingements, repetitive strains, as well as those with chronic conditions, pain syndromes, and everything in between. Lexi loves her work, and this passion translates into highly therapeutic and effective treatment sessions with each and every patient.

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Meredith Pilates Instructor at Toronto Physiotherapy

Meredith Clinton

Certified Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist Assistant

Danforth & Chester clinic

Meredith came to Pilates through dance. After discovering the many therapeutic, strengthening, and mind-body benefits of Pilates training, she pursued her own certification in this form of exercise. Meredith taught Pilates to support her own professional dance career in New York City, Las Vegas and Toronto, for over 15 years.

Now as a specialist in Therapeutic Pilates, Meredith’s dance background greatly informs the way that she teaches, to the great benefit of her clients. She uses fluid transitions, specific imagery to help with positioning and movement quality, and exercise progressions to build body awareness and strength. Meredith integrates her knowledge with mindfulness techniques in order that her clients can use Pilates to deepen the mind-body connection, and achieve their strengthening, mobility, stability, and overall wellness goals. Be it to rehabilitate from an injury or to address persisting issues of a more chronic nature, Meredith brings a great breadth of experience to her Pilates sessions and is highly sought out for her expertise.

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Ana - Pilates Instructor at Toronto Physiotherapy

Ana Groppler

Certified Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapist Assistant

Danforth & Chester clinic

Ana Groppler is an experienced Pilates instructor and physiotherapist assistant, who, after many years working as a professional dancer, found her way to Pilates in search of a form of rehabilitation to best address her own injuries and pain management.

Ana has pursued extensive advanced Pilates coursework and has previous experience teaching theatre, dance, and body conditioning, all of which greatly inform her Pilates approach. As a dance artist, she has a keen interest in biomechanics, movement patterning, posture, flexibility and core strength. She is dedicated to her practice, loves collaborating with our physiotherapists, and is ever evolving her therapeutic techniques to suit each individual best.  With so many benefits of Pilates-based exercise for such a wide breadth of injuries and conditions, Ana loves exploring this form of rehabilitation with her clients. She looks forward to working with you toward your goals, whatever they may be!

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Josephine Cuthill Pilates Instructor at Toronto Physiotherapy

Josephine Cuthill

Certified Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapist Assistant

Danforth & Chester clinic

Josephine is a Pilates instructor and Physiotherapist Assistant with over 12 years of teaching experience. Josephine has studied both Classical and Contemporary Pilates, Essentrics, Holistic Nutrition and Somatic Therapies, and continues to add therapeutic courses to her repertoire to expand her knowledge and tools. Collaborating with Physiotherapists throughout her career has enabled her to put her training and skills in movement therapy into practice, and her clients have enjoyed excellent results from her unique rehabilitative approach.

After an injury made even day-to-day movement difficult, she searched for a way to regain her strength and mobility – what she discovered was that thoughtful movement and targeted strengthening through a Pilates approach helped her immensely to get out of pain and reach her strength and mobility goals. This first-hand experience of the transformative power of movement ignited a passion to learn about movement as medicine. Josephine sees Pilates as a way of helping individuals find ease of movement in their bodies, greatly improve balance and stability, and understands the incredible value it can have in a clinical setting.

Josephine’s initial introduction to Toronto Physiotherapy was as a patient first. After experiencing the level of expertise and professionalism this clinic provided, the evolution to joining as a team member was natural. She continues to seek more knowledge, constantly studying and evolving to provide her clients with meaningful rehabilitation strategies to help them feel and move better. Josephine loves her work, and it shows!

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Lucy Office Administrator at Toronto Physiotherapy

Lucy Fotopoulos

Reception and Administration

Danforth & Chester clinic

Lucy has been keeping the Danforth clinic running smoothly for more than 10 years. So much more than just a friendly and helpful voice on the phone, Lucy does everything from keeping our schedules in order and our clinic organized, to managing insurance claims, billing, and all scheduling needs. She always goes the extra mile to enhance the experience of our patients, and to support all our staff members. If you have any questions about our clinic, practitioners, or services, please don’t hesitate to give Lucy a call or drop her an email – she’ll be happy to help!

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Megan Stevens Front Desk Toronto Physiotherapy

Megan Stevens

Reception and Administration

Yonge & St. Clair clinic

Megan keeps our Yonge and St. Clair office running smoothly and efficiently. She will be the first person you meet when arriving at the clinic, and is here to help with anything that you may need. Before beginning at Toronto Physiotherapy, Megan studied at both The University of Toronto, as well as The Aveda Institute. She is a talented Administrator, and loves her job!

When not at work, Megan loves to travel, and curl up with a good book.

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Mary Administrator at Toronto Physiotherapy

Mary Gilbert


Danforth & Chester clinic

Mary’s warm personality and helpful nature make her a wonderful fit at Toronto Physiotherapy, where she helps fill in the gaps to keep our patients, administrative staff, and therapists happy.

Mary has broad professional experience, runs her own media communications and promotion business as part of the Canadian Indie music scene, and has one of the nicest phone voices you will ever hear :)

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Madelaine at Toronto Physiotherapy

Madelaine Sallie


Works at both clinic locations

Madelaine loves her role working at Toronto Physiotherapy, and brings her exceptional organizational skills and an abundance of compassion and patience to both clinic locations. She has experience working as a medical receptionist in Western Australia, where she is originally from. She is currently studying Life Sciences at the University of Toronto, with the plan to pursue post-graduate studies in medicine or midwifery. When not studying or working at the clinics, Madelaine loves to spend her time playing piano, doing photography, and exploring the city and all it has to offer!

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Mariam Receptionist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Mariam Memon


Works at both clinic locations

Mariam finds fulfillment in helping people and ensuring their experiences are positive. As a friendly face at the front desk, she ensures a warm and welcoming environment for our patients.

In addition to working at the clinic, Mariam is a digital artist and social media manager. In her spare time, Mariam enjoys spending quality time with her kitten and expressing her artistic side through painting.

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