Meredith Pilates Instructor at Toronto Physiotherapy

Meredith Clinton

Certified Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist Assistant

Meredith came to Pilates through dance. After discovering the many therapeutic, strengthening, and mind-body benefits of Pilates training, she pursued her own certification in this form of exercise. Meredith taught Pilates to support her own professional dance career in New York City, Las Vegas and Toronto, for over 15 years.

Now as a specialist in Therapeutic Pilates, Meredith’s dance background greatly informs the way that she teaches, to the great benefit of her clients. She uses fluid transitions, specific imagery to help with positioning and movement quality, and exercise progressions to build body awareness and strength. Meredith integrates her knowledge with mindfulness techniques in order that her clients can use Pilates to deepen the mind-body connection, and achieve their strengthening, mobility, stability, and overall wellness goals. Be it to rehabilitate from an injury or to address persisting issues of a more chronic nature, Meredith brings a great breadth of experience to her Pilates sessions and is highly sought out for her expertise.