TeleRehab (Online Physiotherapy Video Calls)

TeleRehab (Online Physiotherapy) is delivered through video calling on a computer, tablet, or phone.

TeleRehab Can Help

Can TeleRehab (Online Physiotherapy Consultations) help you?

Physiotherapy is normally thought of as a “hands-on” form of healthcare. But in reality, three of the four central components of physiotherapy are not hands-on at all (or don’t need to be!):

  • Individualized home exercise programming as well as instruction on stretching and self-administration of soft-tissue massage or frictions.
  • Education on activity and lifestyle modification in order to treat and prevent a large variety of conditions, injuries and illness. This also includes education on use of home-based modalities including heat / cold / electrical stimulation depending on what the patient has available at home.
  • Health assessment, screening and referral. Including initial assessment, ongoing assessments, and medical triage.

In fact, exercise therapy and education are arguably the two most important and effective tools in the physiotherapist’s clinical toolbox, and these are ideally suited to TeleRehabilitation.

Clinical data agrees. A large and growing body of studies have demonstrated the equivalence of in-person physiotherapy and online physiotherapy consultations for a range of injuries and conditions.

Through video calls and online exercise programs your Registered Physiotherapist can help you with a wide range of musculoskeletal (muscle, soft tissue and joint related) conditions and injuries.

We also offer private Physio-Yoga or Physio-Pilates TeleRehab sessions.

How does TeleRehab work?

  • Email to schedule an initial assessment, or to book a follow up appointment with your Registered Physiotherapist.
  • We email you an intake form and an invite to a free video calling app (like Skype or FaceTime) that you can use on your computer, tablet or phone with internet connection and camera. Alternatively we may be able to use a video calling app that you are already familiar with.
  • Your Physiotherapist will connect with you face-to-face by video call to assess your condition, answer your questions, and develop a customized treatment plan. Using an online physiotherapy tool they will also create and send you customized exercise programs as needed. These programs can include detailed instructions, pictures, and videos to help guide you through your home based rehab program.
  • Physiotherapy video calls are tax-free, and qualify as Physiotherapy for Medical Expense Tax Credits and for extended health insurance purposes.
  • Payment can be made by credit card or e-transfer.
  • We can also transition you from online TeleRehabilitation to in-person care if you live in the GTA. This includes in-home physiotherapy sessions, or seeing your therapist at one of our clinics.

TeleRehab Fees

TeleRehab visits are billed at our regular rates. All fees are tax-free, billed as ‘Physiotherapy’, and can be eligible for employee health insurance plans or for the Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC) on your personal tax return.

Not sure if TeleRehab is right for you?

TeleRehabilitation or ‘TeleHealth’ Physiotherapy is growing in popularity in Canada and around the world, but the idea of online physiotherapy can still feel foreign to many. If you’re not sure if TeleRehab is right for you or your condition, email us. A Registered Physiotherapist will respond to your email and help you determine if TeleRehab is right for you and your needs.

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Give it a try risk-free!

We’re so confident that you will be happy with your online physiotherapy consultation that we will offer a full refund if you are not fully satisfied.