Prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy for mom and baby


Physiotherapy for mom and baby

We provide rehabilitation services designed to address the special needs of new mothers and their babies. There are a range of pelvic, orthopaedic and neurological syndromes that afflict prenatal and postnatal mothers. Many mothers believe that their postnatal concerns are a “new normal”, or that any physical issues will eventually return to normal on their own. While the body’s natural recovery process is amazing, it is often incomplete, leaving persistent complaints including incontinence, pelvic pain, bladder prolapse, abdominal separation and more.

Infants can also be born with relatively minor muscular issues that can be effectively treated with gentle physiotherapy.

With proper education many of these conditions can be effectively prevented and/or alleviated. In most cases physiotherapy for mom and baby involves hands-on treatment, education, and home exercise therapy programs to expedite recovery and prevent long-term negative complications.

Learn more about common mom and baby conditions, self-help strategies, and how physiotherapy can help:

Physiotherapy for moms

Pelvic floor and inner core dysfunction:

Prenatal Yoga:

  • Prenatal Yoga can help increase strength and flexibility, and decrease the risk of injury during. Safely practice yoga during pregnancy with our prenatal certified Yoga Instructor who is also a Registered Physiotherapist.

Orthopaedic dysfunction:

Other conditions:

Physiotherapy for infants

General health and prevention

There are a variety of fun activities that you can do to keep your baby healthy and happy! A baby workout program?! Not quite…

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