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Managing the vaginal and urinary symptoms of menopause in breast cancer survivors

Chemotherapy and hormonal therapy can reduce estrogen levels, which often results in early menopause in breast cancer patients. As a result, this population is at special risk of developing the vaginal and urinary symptoms associated with menopause. Unfortunately, treating these symptoms in breast cancer patients poses unique challenges. Estrogen helps regulate…

Our Study Shows that Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s ‘HEALTh’ Breast Cancer Exercise Program Works

I was recently involved in an evaluation of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute’s Health, Exercise, Active Living, and Therapeutic Lifestyle (HEALTh) program for breast cancer survivors (ref 1). This breast cancer exercise program consists of weekly supervised exercise sessions combined with educational seminars, with an aim to help women recover from…

Inability to pay attention may be at the core of ‘Chemo Brain’

Many cancer survivors report cognitive problems following chemotherapy – dubbed ‘chemo brain’, but the underlying causes remain unclear. New data suggests that an inability to sustain attention over time, crucial to normal daily activities and instrumental for other areas of cognitive function, may be to blame. This suggests strategies for combating it….