Paul Physiotherapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Paul Messner

PT, MScPT Registered Physiotherapist, Certified in Clinically Integrated Dry Needling

Paul believes establishing a genuine therapeutic alliance with patients is a key component to their successful recovery. Providing extended support and encouragement alongside a thorough assessment and comprehensive treatment is crucial to help patients achieve their goals and maintain an active lifestyle. He has received numerous referrals from surgeons at The North York General Hospital’s Fracture Clinic and has extensive experience treating patients with severe arthritis, providing rehabilitation following joint replacement surgeries, reconstruction surgeries, and fractures. A highlight of his career has been helping patients prevent the need for joint replacement surgery. He is certified GLA:D instructor, an evidence based strengthening program used around the world to effectively manage pain in those suffering from hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Paul has training in Temporomandibular Joint Rehabilitation, an effective evidence based non-surgical approach to relieve jaw pain. Hands on techniques, acupuncture, providing strategies to reduce the effects of stressful clenching have helped his patients feel better speaking, chewing, and restore the comfort of their smile! He receives referrals from Toronto dentists to help their patients recover from dysfunctions of the jaw and treat fascial pain. Paul has completed course work in Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation, successfully eliminating dizziness or “the spins” in people suffering from vertigo or BPPV. He has experience managing complex pathologies such Mal De Debarquement Syndrome and Meniere’s disease, achieving positive results.  He has also helped people recover and carry on following concussion.

For a physiotherapist, Paul spends a lot of time doing massage, especially using Rolfing Myofascial Techniques. Paul is certified in Clinically Integrated Dry Needling which he considers to be his most powerful tool, providing a “neuro-physiological effect” to eliminate pain from inflamed joints, muscle tears, nerve impingement or radiculopathies, sciatica and even jaw pain. Paul has received referrals from Sports Medicine Physicians, Physiatrists, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists to dry needle and co-manage their patients. Dry needling has been particularly popular amongst his Iron Man Triathlete and Ultra Marathon patients. Paul is also trained in spinal manipulations to alleviate fixated segments or “jammed” joints. He has assisted professors teach manual therapy to students in the Advanced Musculoskeletal Labs at The University of Toronto.

Paul received his physiotherapy training at McGill University, serving as Qualifying Year Class Representative. Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, he worked as a swimming instructor. With an athletic background of figure skating, ballet, Paul has a special interest in treating injuries from aesthetically judged sports. He was a physiotherapist at 2019 Figure Skating National Championships and has treated dancers from Canada’s National Ballet School. Paul was national figure skating champion in his field.  He placed second at the Canada Winter Games and was ambassador for the Ontario Figure Skating Team. He loves to cook and has taken Culinary Arts courses at George Brown College. Paul enjoys trail running with his dog and they have participated in Disc Dog and Agility Trials. Paul is trained in classical piano through The Royal Conservatory of Music. He also likes to DJ and believe it or not, spends a significant amount of time listening to Techno Music. He looks forward to helping you achieve your physiotherapy and wellness goals!