Susan Shipton Massage Therapist at Toronto Physiotherapy

Susan Shipton

RMT, BA, CDT Registered Massage Therapist, Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Susan is a caring and empathetic massage therapist who offers a combination of clinical training and keen analysis within a nurturing environment. She has extensive experience working with people to overcome complications from treatment for cancer, such as axillary cording, scar tissue, and restricted movement. Since 2015, she has been helping people manage lymphedema through manual lymph drainage, compression bandages and garments, exercise and other self-care methods.

Always drawn to the human aspect of our physical experience, Susan has a particular interest in helping people with chronic pain, end-of-life care, and breast health. All involve our relationship with our changing bodies, our self-identity, and how we interact with the world around us.

Having been a competitive swimmer, rower, and runner, and an enthusiastic hiker and canoeist, Susan understands the aches and pains associated with being active and athletic. Susan believes every treatment should be in the context of relaxation and aims to make massage therapy primarily an enjoyable experience in which to achieve our goals.

Susan is currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical science: interprofessional pain management at the University of Western Ontario. Since 2015, she has been certified in combined decongestive therapy and manual lymph drainage by the Vodder School International. She graduated from Sutherland-Chan School of massage therapy in 2012.