Lucy Romano Massage Therapist Toronto Physiotherapist

Lucy Romano

RMT, CDT Registered Massage Therapist, Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lucy is an experienced Massage Therapist with advanced training and specialization in Lymphedema therapy. After earning a diploma in Massage Therapy through the Sutherland-Chan school, Lucy pursued specialized training in Combined Decongestive Therapy in order to treat an underserved population of patients suffering from Lymphedema and venous insufficiency edema. With certification through the Dr. Vodder School, Lucy is able to utilize Combined Decongestive Therapy for her patients: a combination of manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging, skin care, and exercise therapy. Lucy has also received training in Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Lucy is dedicated and passionate about Lymphedema therapy. She receives great personal fulfillment from helping her patients manage the symptoms of lymphatic insufficiency through both hands-on work as well as self-management education. In her spare time Lucy enjoys reading, and maintaining an active lifestyle.